Moving the future: Valves for liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Our complete product range for handling LNG cater all valves for small-scale-LNG applications installed to realize clean fueling concepts on at sea and on the road. The approval according to ISO 10479 for fire safe design is available for a selection of the product range.


Trailer for cryogenic liquefied natural gas are exposed to frequent filling, transportation and unloading at the destination under extreme conditions. Our certified safety and shut-off valves withstand the toughest conditions and are trouble free in action worldwide.

Most common products:
Actuated Valves | Ball Valves | Globe Valves


HEROSE provides a wide range of valves for Small Scale tank farms from 10,000 to 100,000 m³. Our Globe and safety valves are proven in daily use where operating lifetime and performance are just as important as absolute safety and reliability.

Most common products:
Actuated Valves | Change-over Valves | Globe Valves | Safety Valves


The use of LNG as a fuel for ships has significant environmental benefits. We offer an extensive range of valves for installation on ships, with extreme demands on fire safety. In addition, we have developed complete solutions for the associated infrastructure for storage and refueling the LNG.

Most common products:
Actuated Valves | Globe Valves


The rising production of LNG has resulted in an increase of on-site built storage capacities. To meet the growing demands, HEROSE provides valve packages to ensure the smooth running of processes in liquefaction and regasification facilities.

Most common products:
Actuated Valves | Ball Valves | Safety Valves

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