Safety first: Valves for liquefied industrial gases

We have an extensive expertise in the development and manufacture of cryogenic valves in the area of storage, transport and processing for cryogenic industrial gases. This knowledge benefits you when customizing our products which have proven itself many times on your objectives or the specific requirements of your project.


In order to bring gases from the production facility to the end customer, either pipelines for gases or trailers for cryogenic liquefied gases with insulated tank containers are used. Since the valves are daily used for filling and discharge, they are exposed to the harshest conditions.

Most common products:
Actuated Valves | Gate Valves | Globe Valves


Stationary storage tanks can be used to store cryogenic liquefied industrial gases without much evaporation. Depending on the demand of gas different sizes from 5,000 - 50,000 liters vessels are used. The wide range of HEROSE offers the right equipment for each vessel size.

Most common products:
Change-over Valves | Check Valves | Globe Valves | Fill Cluster | Pressure Regulator | Safety Valves


HEROSE delivers high-quality cold-box valves and control valves with large flow diameter. These valves are used to regulate the flow in process applications, like in air separation units - plants for liquefying air or gases and separation of gas mixtures.

Most common products:
Actuated Valves | Globe Valves

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